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POETS guides new cohort of grad student leaders

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The 2023-24 cohort of the POETS Future Technical Leader Program is well on its way to gaining a set of skills not commonly learned in an engineering PhD program.

POETS aims to educate engineering doctoral students in leadership, preparing them for C-level positions; train students to take a holistic approach to solving today’s most pressing technology challenges in industry; and expand their networks to include leaders and influencers from top tech companies across the country.

This year’s cohort includes graduate students Shayan Aflatounian, Zheng Liu, Bakhshish Preet Singh and Jianqiao (Peter) Xiao from the University of Illinois, and Chavonne Bowen from Howard University.

five students head shots
Left to right:  Bakhshish Preet Singh, Jianqiao (Peter) Xiao, Chavonne Bowen, Shayan Aflatounian and Zheng Liu.