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News Releases

Grainger engineers selected to receive millions in federal funding to develop more efficient cooling for data centers (May 2023)

Research team's electric motor drive takes off in test flight on passenger hybrid electric plane (March 2023)

Electric Motor Drive Takes Off in Test Flight of Passenger Hybrid Electric Plane (March 2023)

Lab to Fab; Mantooth Discusses Semiconductor Research and Fabrication at U of A (March 2023)

Alleyne, Sutherland elected to National Academy of Engineering (Feb 2023)

Haran shares thoughts on all-electric conventional planes (Jan 2023)

Silicon Carbide Research and Fabrication Facility Secures Tool Essential to Chip-Making Process (Jan 2023)

Krein comments on manufacture of electric vehicles (Jan 2023)

King one of two from Illinois named NAI Fellows (Dec 2022)

Beyond Contact angle measurements: probing liquid-solid interfaces using a water meniscus (Nov 2022)

James Allison tapped for consortium to design wave energy systems (Nov 2022)

Miljkovic named ASME Fellow (Nov 2022)

Previously unseen processes reveal path to better rechargeable battery performance (Nov 2022)

James Allison tapped for consortium to design wave energy systems (Nov 2022)

Siavash Khodakarami among recipients of MRL PPG Assistantship (Sept 2022)

$10.3 Million Grant Will Establish New Energy Frontier Research Center (Sep 2022)

King names SME Fellow for achievements in manufacturing (Aug 2022)

Illinois lands finalist spot in U.S. DOE prize (Aug 2022)

A great year for POETS outreach (July 2022)

New thermal management technology for electronic devices reduces bulk while improving cooling (May 2022)

Gebrael awarded PPG-MRL assistantship (April 2022)

Mantooth Presents New MUSiC Facility to Arkansas Legislative Council (April 2022)

Miljkovic wins Dean's Award for exceptional record of research (April 2022)

Mantooth Named to Arkansas Future Mobility Advisory Council (April 2022)

New paper offers innovative solution for thermal energy storage (March 2022)

Haran named as new POETS director (March 2022)

College of Engineering Students Win First Place Award in ECCE Student Project Demo Competition (Feb 2022)

POETS ecosystem awarded for than $10M to develop clean energy technologies (Feb 2022)

New heat exchanger design from King, Miljkovic featured by ASME (Jan 2022)

Two POETS named to 2022 IEEE Fellows: Eric Pop & William King (Nov 2021)

POETS moves forward with $50M in vehicle electrification and power density projects (Nov 2021)

Big Data from little droplets: Unlocking condensation insights with AI and machine learning (Oct 2021)

Army Grants to Bolster Unique New Semiconductor Fabrication Facility (Oct 2021)

Illinois researchers demonstrate extreme heat exchanger with additive manufacturing (Sept 2021)

Cahill named co-director of new IBM-Illinois Discovery Accelerator Institute (Sept 2021)

Successful test by UIUC, NASA, and Collins gets us one step closer to electric aircraft (Aug 2021)

Miljkovic awarded for contributions to field of condensation heat transfer

NASA Selects Miljkovic (University of Illinois) Proposal for Space Station Experiments (June 2021)

Solid-state batteries line up for better performance (May 2021)

Prof. Sonya Smith (Howard University) Elected to American Academy of Arts & Sciences

Michael Caple (University of Illinois) selected as one of 78 DOE’s Graduate Student Research Program Outstanding U.S. Graduate Students

Alan Mantooth highlights UA economic impact, leadership in power electronics innovation

Titans of tech in Arkansas: Dr. Alan Mantooth, Distinguished Professor/Executive Director, University Of Arkansas, NCREPT, Fayetteville

High Voltage Economy: Q&A with Dr. Alan Mantooth, University of Arkansas

CSCE Assistant Professor Yarui Peng Receives the Prestigious NSF CAREER Award to Study Design Automation Tools for Heterogeneous Multi-Chiplet Systems (March 2021)

Mantooth Named Tech Titan in Arkansas (March 2021)

UA Faculty Dr. Zhao Takes Over as GRAPES Research Center Site Director

Debbie Senesky: I tell students, you made it. You belong. (Feb 2021)

Illinois ECE Professor Xiuling Li, and Jianjun Cheng Elected as 2020 NAI Fellow (Jan 2021)

Howard University professor Thomas Searles to receive first Joseph A. Johnson Award (Jan 2021)

Researchers Awarded $600,000 to Enhance Safety of Electrical Aircraft (July 2020)

Engineering Faculty and Student Earn National Award (Aug 2019)

UA Engineering Research Team Presents on Capitol Hill (April 2019)

Becerra and Muskin Expose Wiley Fifth Graders to Engineering Via Fun Solar Projects (Mar 2019)

Power Rangers: San Antonio College students take part in electro-thermal research and make a connection with the University of Arkansas (Nov 2018)

Stanford, U of A Engineers Look to Future of Electronics at Research Workshop (Nov 2018)

Dr. Howard Fourth Graders Learn Engineering, Problem Solving, While Building Solar Car (Nov 2018)

Debbie Senesky receives the 2018 Emerging Leader Abie Award (Aug 2018)

Young Scholars gain authentic research experience (Aug 2018)

POETS REU Fosters Innovative Thinking to Change the Future of Power Dense Electronic Systems (Aug 2018)

POETS researchers develop heat switch for electronics (March 2018)

POETS graduate student finaliist in SWE competition (Nov 2017)

POETS Center receives NSF REU grant (Oct 2017)

POETS RET program named 'Scholar Program of the Year'

POETS 2017 summer education activities (Aug 2017)

Undergraduate Summer Research Highlighted at Poster Session (Aug 2017) 

POETS 2017 REU summer program (Aug 2017)

Middle schoolers tour POETS Center at U of A (June 2017)

Local 8th graders build solar cars courtesy of new POETS RET curriculum (May 2017)

POETS Center companies seek electric-powered commercial air travel (April 2017)

POETS seeks to get graduate students hooked on outreach (April 2017)

Engineering at Illinois launches $18.5 million center for power optimization in mobile electronics (October 2015)


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