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Overall, the goal of our pre-college program will be to improve attitudes towards STEM through formal and informal engagement with cycles of scientific inquiry and engineering design processes. 

We plan to have long-term engagement with students through multiple programs and allow for intergeneration learning by engaging POETS undergraduates, graduates and faculty with our pre-college activities. 

The focus of the pre-college educational activities is to:

  • Design (using engineering clubs and the RET teachers),
  • Implement (at partner pre-college institutions), and
  • Disseminate (using publications, conferences, and other media)

We have a variety of programs to achieve our pre-college education goals

Summer Young Scholars Program

High School summer research program at Illinois and Arkansas University

Engineering Clubs & Competition

Engineering Day for Girls at Arkansas University


Middle school teachers are placed at a POETS university to learn about POETS research and development curriculum around next-generation science standards.