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Technical Reports

ID Title Author (Advisor)
TR097.23 Mission-Specific Design of Aircraft Energy Systems Christopher Aksland (A. Alleyne)
TR096.23 System Design and Analysis Methods for Optimal Electric Vehicle Thermal Management Sagar Singh (N. Miljkovic)
TR095.23 System-Level Optimization of High-Specific-Power Electric Machines for Aircraft Propulsion Applications Anubhav Bose (K. Haran)
TR094.23 Sensorless Control of an interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor with a Three Level T-type Inverter Junhan Zhao (K. Haran)
TR093.23 Novel Thermal Management Solutions for Extreme Heat Flux Cooling Sougata Hazra (K. Goodson)
TR092.22 Synthesis and Characterization of Two-Dimensional Materials for Electronic and Thermoelectric Applications Victoria Chen (E. Pop)
TR091.22 InAlN/GaN high electron mobility transistors for venus surface exploration Savannah Eisner (D. Senesky)
TR090.22 Scalable and durable macro-micro-nanomanufacturing of functional interfaces and devices Muhammad Jahidul Hoque (N. Miljkovic)
TR089.22 Reduced Order Optimization of Internal Channel Heat Sink Designs Aniket Ajay Lad (N. Miljkovic)
TR088.22 Study of Thin GaN/InGaN/GaN double graded Structures for Future photovoltaic application Mirsaeid Sarollahi (M. Ware)
TR087.22 Thermo-mechanical Design and Reliability of High-Performance Ultra-Thin Vapor Chambers Farid Soroush (K. Goodson)
TR086.22 Immersion Cooling and Monolithic Packaging for the Thermal Management of High-Power Density Electronics Tarek Gebrael (N. Miljkovic)
TR085.22 Constraint-Aware, Scalable, and Efficient Algorithms for Multi-Chip Power Module Layout Optimization Imam Al Razi (Y. Peng)
TR084.21 Analytical Sensitivity Analysis Methodology for the Co-Design of Thermal Management Systems Minda Wagenmaker (A. Alleyne)
TR083.21 Improvement of Stability of a Grid-Connected Inverter with an LCL filter by Robust Strong Active Damping and Model Predictive Control Seungyong Lee (Y. Zhao)
TR082.21 Thermometry via Diffusion in Ferrous Core-Shell Nanoparticles for Induction Heating Applications (embargo until Feb 17, 2024) Hayden Carlton (D. Huitink)
TR081.21 Nonmetallic Jet Impingement Thermal Management for Power Electronics via Additive Manufacturing (embargo until Feb 17, 2024) Reece Whitt (D. Huitink)
TR080.21 Direct Torque Control for Silicon Carbide Motor Drives Mohammad Hazzaz Mahmud (J. Carlos Balda)
TR079.21 Mission Profile Effects on Automotive Drivetrain Electronics Reliability: Modeling and Mitigation Bakhtiyar Mohammad Nafis (A. Mantooth)
TR078.21 Combined Stressors in Reliability Failure Modes in Flip-Chip Electronic Packaging (embargo until Feb 17, 2024) Mahsa Montazeri (A. Mantooth)
TR077.21 A Double-Sided Stack Low-Inductance Wire-Bondless SiC Power Module with a Ceramic Interposer Si Huang (A. Mantooth)
TR076.21 Controlling heat transfer in electronic packaging using thermal switches and high power thermal buffers Tianyu Yang (W. King) 
TR075.21 High Temperature Degradation in GaN-Based Hall Effect Sensors (embargo until Sept 10, 2023) Alexis A. Krone (D. Huitink)
TR074.18 Resonant-type architectures for active power decoupling in grid-tied single-phase power electronics Nathan Brooks (R. Pilawa-Podgurski)
TR073.19 High-Frequency, Slotless Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor for Aircraft Propulsion Andy Yoon (K. Haran)
TR072.21 An Accurate and Efficient Electro-thermal Compact Model of SiC Power MOSFET Including Third Quadrant Behavior  Arman Ur Rashid (A. Mantooth)
TR071.21 Power system sizing and analysis for electric aircraft conceptual design John Reband (K. Haran)
TR070.21 Design and performance characterization of novel heat exchanger geometries enabled by additive manufacturing (not available) Hyunkyu Moon (W. King)
TR069.21 Scalable Corrosion Resistant Coatings for Thermal Applications Siavash Khodakarami (N. Miljkovic)
TR068.21 Advanced power module packaging technologies Rayna Alizadeh (A. Mantooth)
TR067.21 Pulse de-icing for aircraft applications (not available) Vaibhav Sunilkumar Agarwal (N. Miljkovic)
TR066.21 Spray cooling applications for alternative energy vehicles George Popovic (N. Miljkovic)
TR065.21 An 8-Bit Analog-to-Digital Converter for Battery Operated Wireless Sensor Notes Marvin Suggs Jr. (A. Mantooth)
TR064.21 Memory Module Design for High-Temperature Applications in SiC CMOS Technology Affan Abbasi (A. Mantooth)
TR063.21 Design and Assembly of High-Temperature Signal Conditioning System on LTCC with Silicon Carbide CM)S Circuits Sajib Roy (A. Mantooth)
TR062.21 Towards High Efficiency and High Power Density Converter: System Level Design, Modulation, and Active EMI
Hongwu Peng (F. Luo)
TR061.21 Meso-Scale FDM Material Layout Design Strategies Under Manufacturability Constraints and Fracture Conditions Albert E. Patterson (J. Allison)
TR060.21 A Two-stage Design Framework for Optimal Spatial Packaging of Interconnected Fluid-Thermal Systems Satya Ravi Teja Peddada (J. Allison)
TR059.21 Modeling, Control, and Design of Hybrid Electrical and Thermal Energy Storage Systems Cary Laird (A. Alleyne)
TR058.21 Chip scale monolithic integration of inductive and capacitive components by self-rolled-up membrane nanotechnology (not available) Zhendong Yang (X. Li)
TR057.20 Towards High Efficiency and High Power Density Converter: System Level Design, Modulation, and Active EMI Filters Hongwu Peng (F. Luo)
TR056.20 Simultaneous packing and routing optimization of thermal-fluid systems Alexander Jessee (K. James)
TR055.20 A New Embedded Control Architecture for Cyber-Secure Systems of Power Electronics (embargo) Chris Farnell 
TR054.20 Characterization of hydrogen-terminated diamond devices for extreme environment applications Ricardo Peterson (D. Senesky)
TR053.20 Estimation and fault diagnosis for vehicle energy systems Pamela Tannous (A. Alleyne)
TR052.20 Thermal transport in two-dimensional and wide band gap materials Runjie Xu (E. Pop)
TR051.20 Conducted EMI Mitigation in Power Converters using Active EMI Filters Balaji Narayanasamy (F. Luo)
TR050.20 Characterizing the sensitivity of 2DEG-based magnetic field and ultraviolet light sensors in space-simulant environments Hannah Alpert (D. Senesky)
TR049.20 Design and Evaluation of High Power, High Efficiency and High Power Density Motor Drives for More Electric Aircrafts Zhao Yuan (F. Luo)
TR048.20 Electrical, thermal, and strain-dependent characterization of transition metal dichalcogenide-based devices  Isha Datye (E. Pop)
TR047.20 Design and Optimization of Multichip GaN Module Enabling Improved Switching Performance Asif Imran Emon (F. Luo)
TR046.20 Design, Fabrication, and Reliability Effects of Additively Manufactured First Level Compliant Interconnects for Microelectronics Application  Tumininu Olatunji (D. Huitink)
TR045.20 Converter- and Module-level Packaging for High Power Density and High Efficiency Power Conversion Amol Deshpande (F. Luo)
TR044.20 Heat routing with liquid-vapor phase change phenomena in microscale porous media  Tanya Liu (K. Goodson)
TR043.20 Electro-thermal design and optimization of high-specific-power slotless PM machine for aircraft applications Xuan Yi (K. Haran)
TR042.20 Investing thermo-fluidic performance of si-based embedded microchannels-3D manifold cooling system for high power density electronic applications Ki Wook Jung (K. Goodson)
TR041.20 Efficient operation of variable-pole induction machines and drives  Elie Libbos (A. Banerjee)
TR040.20 The Varied Thermal Response of Magnetic Iron-Oxide Nanoparticles During Induction Heating in Liquid and Solid-Liquid Phase Change Mediums (embargo until Dec 17, 2022) Joshua Tompkins (D. Huitink)
TR039.20 Testbed development and experimental validation of a high-power slotless stator Aaron Anderson (K. Haran)
TR038.20 Metal-assisted chemical etching of 4H silicon carbide  Julian Michaels (X. Li)
TR037.19 High Frequency LTCC based Planar Transformer Adithya Venkatanarayanan (S. Ang)
TR036.19 High-density multilevel power converters for use in renewable and transportation applications Christopher Barth (R. Pilawa)
TR035.19 Modular modeling and control of a hybrid unmanned aerial vehicle’s powertrain Chris Aksland (A. Alleyne)
TR034.19 Topology optimization methods for heat sink design applied to power electronics Danny Lohan (J. Allison)
TR033.19 Offset and noise behavior of microfabricated aluminum gallium nitride-gallium nitride two-dimensional electron gas hall-effect sensors Karen Dowling (D. Senesky)
TR032.19 Design and Optimization of a High Power Density Silicon Carbide Traction Inverter Tyler Adamson (Y. Zhao)
TR031.19 Phase change phenomena on water repelling and biphilic surfaces  Shreyas Chavan (N. Miljkovic)
TR030.19 Sparking an increase in volumetric and specific density for power converters with avant-garde thermal management strategies, topologies, and packaging schemes  Thomas Foulkes (N. Miljkovic)
TR029.19 Natural and engineered surfaces for enhanced phase change heat transfer Junho Oh (N. Miljkovic)
TR028.19 Liquid-vapor phase change phenomena for heat exchangers and electronics cooling Patrick Birbarah (N. Miljkovic)
TR027.19 Hierarchical control for multi-domain coordination of vehicle energy systems with switched dynamics Herschel Pangborn (A. Alleyne)
TR026.19 Polarization field enhanced transport in Gallium Nitride heterostructures for energy harvesting and sensing Ananth  Yalamarthy (D. Senesky)
TR025.19 Investigation of non-intercalation electrode materials for next-generation batteries  Sanghyeon Kim (P. Braun)
TR024.18 Numerical and experimental investigation of composite heat pipe technology Keith Coulson (N. Milkovic)
TR023.18 Integrated design optimization methods for optimal sensor placement and cooling system architecture design for electro-thermal systems  Satya Ravi Teja Peddada (J. Allison)
TR022.18 Development of a Rapid Fatigue Life Testing Method for Reliability Assessment of Flip-Chip Solder Interconnects  Cody Marbut (D. Huitink)
TR021.18 Thermal, electrical and mechanical properties of three-dimensional functional materials  Jin Gu Kang (P. Braun)
TR020.18 Dynamic modeling and control of transcritical vapor compression system for battery electric vehicle thermal management Sarah Garrow (A. Alleyne)
TR019.18 On the use of machine learning with design optimization data for system topology design Tinghao Guo (J. Allison)
TR018.18 Droplet growth kinetics on superhydrophobic surfaces and future work on combating cryogenic surface contamination James Carpenter (N. Miljkovic)
TR017.18 Developing a HIL-Based Software Platform for Testing Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Powertrains Daniel Schwartz (J. Balda)
TR016.18 Thermal and thermoelectric transport in carbon-based nanomaterials Feifei Lian (E. Pop)
TR015.19 Thermal conductivity switching of polymers and lithium-ion battery electrode materials in response to external stimuli  Jungwoo Shin (P. Braun)
TR014.17 Advances in combined architecture, plant, and control design Daniel Herber (J. Allison)
TR013.17 Self-rolled-up membrane (S-RuM) capacitors and filters for radio frequency communication Moyang Li (X. Li)
TR012.17 Dynamic temperature estimation of power electronics systems Pamela Tannous (A. Alleyne)
TR011.17 A Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (LTCC) Interposer Based Three-Dimensional Stacked Wire Bondless Power Module Atuna Dutta (S. Ang)
TR010.17 Droplet interactions with micro- and nanostructured surfaces for advanced heat transfer applications Patricia Weisensee (B. King)
TR009.17 Developing an active, high-heat-flux thermal management strategy for power electronics via jumping-droplet phase-change cooling Thomas Foulkes (R. Pilawa)
TR008.17 Compact and efficient power electronics with applications to solar PV, automotive, and aerospace systems Derek Chou (R. Pilawa)
TR007.17 Miniaturization of on-chip passive electronic devices by silicon nitride self-rolled-up membrane microtube nanotechnology Wen Huang (X. Li)
TR006.17 The Development of Novel Interconnection Technologies for 3D Packaging of Wire Bondless Silicon Carbide Power Modules Sayan Seal (H.A. Mantooth)
TR005.17 Autonomic thermal switch based on phase transition alloys Xuejiao Li (P. Braun)
TR004.17 Nanosoldering carbon nanotube fibers and graphene nanoribbon thin film transistors Siddhanth Munukutla (J. Lyding)
TR003.16 Generative design algorithms in topology optimization of passive heat spreaders Danny Lohan (J. Allison)
TR002.16 Electromagnetic-thermal modeling for high-frequency air-core permanent magnet motor of aircraft application Xuan Yi (K. Haran)
TR001.16 Hierarchical power management in vehicle systems Justin Koeln (A. Alleyne)

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