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Workforce Development

One of the most important and long-range goals of the POETS mission is to ensure a continuous stream into the STEM workforce of diverse, highly-qualified individuals who are distinctively trained across multiple disciplines. In several ways, POETS is uniquely suited to achieve just that.

For one, POETS is adeptly centered at the intersection of industry, academia, government, and the STEM pipeline. This positioning enables an intergenerational flow of information and expertise.

In addition, our research that focuses on wide-ranging modes of transportation, from automobiles to avionics, as well as intimately familiar portable devices, is particularly meaningful to today’s students.

And our systems approach lends itself well to projects that demand strong collaboration and coordination of efforts among students and researchers in different areas, thus exposing students to a wide variety of fields and different sectors of STEM.

POETS strives to bolster the STEM workforce through a variety of education and outreach initiatives at the pre-college, undergraduate, and graduate levels.

Diagram showing the STEM Pipeline