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Current Projects

PI and Collaborators

Project # Project Title

Stillwell (UI), Haran (UI)

R1.019.22 Investigating Optimal Inverter Topologies for High-Frequency Low-Inductance Motors
Mantooth (UA), Peng (UA), Stillwell (UI) R1.020.22 PowerSynth 3D: Extending Design Automation from Modules to Converters
Allison (UI), James (UI), Miljkovic (UI)


Integrated Thermal Management System (TMS) Design and Spatial Packaging Optimization for Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs)
Miljkovic (UI), Asheghi (SU), Goodson (SU), Huitink (UA) R1.022.23 Development of a Virtual Electrical-Thermal System Design and Optimizer Platform
Banerjee (UI), Miljkovic (UI) R2.037.22 Converter-Integrated Variable-Pole Induction Machine Drive for Heavy-Duty Vehicles
Miljkovic (UI), Goodson (SU), Smith (HU), Zhao (UA) R2.038.22 Microcooler Electro-Thermal Integration on GaN Devices Enables Ultra-High Power Density Converters with Robust Indirect Embedded Cooling
Wang (UI), Haran (UI), Senesky (SU) R2.040.22 Multi-fidelity Modeling and Sensor Data Fusion for Partial Discharge Diagnosis and Reliability Assessment
Mantooth (UA), Asheghi (SU), Goodson (SU) R2.041.22 High Power Density 6-in-1 SiC Power Module with Integrated Double-sided Micro-channel Cooling
Smith (HU), Braun (UI) R2.042.22 Design of Enhanced PCMs Materials for Embedded Battery Thermal Management
Goodson (SU), Asheghi (SU), Mantooth (UA) R2.045.23 Development of a Breakthrough Thermal Management System Concept for Power Electronic Modules
Braun (UI), Smith (HU) R3.037.22 High Temperature Solid State Batteries
King (UI), Mantooth (UA), Miljkovic (UI) R3.039.22 Phase Change Material Module Development and Testbed Integration to Demonstrate Increased Power Density of Aircraft Electro-Thermal Systems
Lyding (UI), Braun (UI), Huitink (UA) R3.040.22 3D Printed Carbon Nanotube Applications
Huitink (UA) R3.042.23 Seed investigation of encapsulated PCM as a means to thermally active packaging materials
Clarke (UI) R1.023.23 Investigating the Thermal Management Requirements for Nominal and Failure-Made Flight Conditions

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