Center for Power Optimization of Electro-thermal Systems

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What We Do

POETS’s ambitious, innovative approach to improving the power density of next generation electro-thermal systems involves integrating traditionally separate research efforts in mechanical, electrical, and materials engineering across different technical domains.

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Did You Know?

Center Director Prof. Andrew Alleyne was elected as a 2019 Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science


Dr. Nenad Miljkovic was honored with the prestigious title of Kritzer Faculty Scholar.

Miljkovic Kritzer Scholar

Dr. Herschel Pangborn received the ASME Energy Systems Technical Committee Best Paper Award for his paper titled "Cooperativity and Hierarchical MPC of State - Constrained Switched Power Flow Systems" at the The American Control Conference this July.

Dr. Alan Mantooth received the IEEE Modeling and Control Technical Achievement Award from the IEEE Power Electronics Society at the award dinner in Toronto on June 19th during the Control and Modeling in Power Electronics (COMPEL) Workshop.


UA POETS RET Curricula Awarded Grade Division Winner in the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) STEM Lesson Plan National Competition (2018).

POETS graduate students participated in a STEM outreach training seminar, learning about the rewards of STEM outreach and developing skills in science communication to broad audiences.

Center Director Prof. Andrew Alleyne was honored with the ASME Thurston Lecture Award and Air Force Public Service Award.