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POETS High Ambient Temperature Systems Workshop

POETS High Ambient Temperature Systems Workshop - October 4-5, 2018

A great challenge in today’s semiconductor industry is the thermal limit of electronic devices (approximately 250°C for silicon).  This thermal limit prevents the engineering of safe electronic systems with power densities exceeding ~1 kW/cm2. To overcome these significant environmental challenges, engineers integrate active cooling systems or complex packaging into the design of electronic modules to make them more durable, which significantly increases cost and payload.  What if the power electronics, microprocessors, and batteries of the future ran hotter (say, 500°C)? How would this new operating point revolutionize the design of automobiles, aircraft, and spacecraft? This POETS workshop aims to bring together leading experts (and curious minds) in the field high ambient temperature technologies to identify the needs, gaps, and roadblocks, as well as work together to identify near-term and long-term solutions via interactive and dynamic discussions.





University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR

The Chancellor Hotel

70 North East Avenue

Fayetteville, AR 72701


HOTEL - Book Reservations online or call The Chancellor Hotel directly at 1-479-442-5555 and ask for "POETS" block.

DINNER: Thursday, October 4 dinner is included as part of the workshop event.




Bender, Karen - POETS

Alizadeh, Rana - UA

Alpert, Hannah - SU

Arastu, Faraz - UIUC

Baker, Tom - Caterpillar

Balda, Juan Carlos - UA

Birbarah, Patrick - UIUC

Chen, Zhong - UA

Chen, Hao - UA

Deshpande, Amol - UA

Docimo, Donald - UIUC

ghosh, Pijush Kanti - UA

Gresham-Chisolm, Damon - HU

Hazra, Sougata - SU

Herring, Neal - UTRC

Hoque, Muhammad Jahidul - UIUC

Huitink, David - UA

James, Kai - UIUC

Jennings, Darryl - HU

Kargarrazi, Saleh - SU

Kshirsagar, Parag - UTRC

Le, Quang - UA

Miljkovic, Nenad - UIUC

Mousa, Mohamed - UIUC

Mukherjee, Shilpi - UA

Narayanasamy, Balaji - UA

Peng, Yarui - UA

Salamo, Gregory - UA

Senesky, Debbie - SU

Shetty, Satish - UA

Shin, Jungwoo - UIUC

Smith, Sonya - HU

Vargas, Paolo - UA

Wallace, Andrea - UA

Wallace, Andrea - UA

Wang, Pingfeng - UIUC

Ware, Morgan - UA

yang, tianyu - UIUC

Zhao, Yue - UA

Zimmerman, Joseph - CU Aerospace

Peaslee, Brian - General Motors

Schmit, Chris - John Deere

Caple, Michael - UIUC

Yi, Xuan - UIUC

Evans, Tristan - UA

Clarke, Zion - HU