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POETS Research & Development Center

Located in Champaign, IL

Newly-constructed in 2015, the 10,000 sq. ft. POETS Research & Development Center (PRDC) includes bay areas, offices and meeting areas just south of the UIUC campus. This testbed facility will allow for high-power testing of electrical systems such as motors, drives, power electronics, batteries, etc. Additional capability includes advanced thermal management systems and vehicle-level integration. The flexible and modular layout encourages a variety of testing from small prototypes to full scale systems using 100s of kW with a focus on aircraft and off-highway systems. As of 2023, the center has 3 fully-commissioned testbed ( two in PRDC, UIUC, and one in NCREPT, UArkansas):


Off-Highway Dynamometer Test-Stand


  • Up to 300kW, 10,000 RPM
  • Flexible, user created drive profiles
  • Modular hardware and software design
  • Can operate using braking resistor or pump-back from dyno
  • Blast shield for experimental motors

Example Projects:

  • 1MW Air Core PMSM High Power Density Motor
  • PMSM Position Estimation using Hall Effect Sensors and Neural Networks
  • Module High Efficiency Power Inverters for Extreme Power Dense Applications


Aerospace UAV Electrical and Thermal Test-stand








  • Electrical/Mechanical subsystems
    • Hybrid electrical drivetrain
    • Interfaces with any electrical load
  • Thermal Subsystem
    • Thermal "breadboard" for easy reconfiguration
  • HIL subsystem interface

Example Projects:

  • Hierarchical Predictive Control
  • Hierarchical Estimation and Fault Diagnosis


For more information, go to Page Testbed Information.