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Infant Incubator Lesson 13

What are the requirements for our project?

Student Sheet 

Teacher Answers 

Estimated class Time:

One 40-minute class period


What are the requirements for our project?


  • *8.5 X 11 White Paper
  • *Matchbox car
  • *Large chart paper

Lesson Level Learning Objectives:

  • MS-ETS1-1 Define the criteria and constraints of a design problem with sufficient precision to ensure a successful solution, taking into account relevant scientific principles and potential impacts on people and the natural environment that may limit possible solutions.


  • Students build a paper airplane without the criteria and constraints being revealed beforehand.  They then evaluate how the airplane withstands a classroom test and how it would need to be changed to be more successful.  
  • Students take scientific principles into account and develop a list of criteria and constraints in order to optimize their incubator design and guide the building process.


What we Figured Out: 

Criteria - The goals of the desired solution

Constraint - Limits based on available materials and resources

Criteria: Possible ideas:

  • Fit a pre-term infant
  • Keep 36.6 to 37 degree Celsius temperature for 5 minutes
  • Be mobile
  • Be safe for the infant and family
  • Provide easy access to meet infant needs of food and diaper changing

Constraints: Possible Ideas:

  • Budget
  • Materials available
  • No electricity
  • 2 days building time in class
  • required purchase order/building plan

Questions we still have:

  • When can we build?
  • How do we meet the criteria and constraints?
  • How will the criteria and constraints impact our incubator?

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