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POETS Proudly Sponsors NAE Regional Meeting

The mobility electricity revolution is a massive twenty-first century economic shift. About 1/3 of primary global energy powers transportation, and it is anticipated that almost all of this will shift to electricity production and delivery. The Bureau of Transportation Statistics estimates more than 10 million total U.S. jobs in transportation and related industry sectors. This meeting will address critical challenges in the transformation of our national transportation system to low-carbon electrical energy. Featured speakers will present challenges and visionary work ranging from zero-emission aircraft and transformative offroad vehicles to mineral resource needs, cybersecurity, and infrastructure impacts. The meeting is co-hosted by NAE, the National Science Foundation Power Optimization of Electro-Thermal Systems (POETS) Engineering Research Center, the Illinois Center for Transportation (ICT), The Grainger College of Engineering, the Grainger Lecture Series, the Tykociner Lecture Series, the Kent Seminar Series in Transportation, and the MRL Distinguished Lecture Series. The public event begins at 11am on Tuesday, April 4. An industry session continues on April 5. The event concludes after lunch on Wednesday, April 5. A reception will be held the evening of April 3 for early arrivers.

View the full schedule here