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To post information to this website

If you would like to post an achievement, update your profile, or have a suggestion for the website, you are in the right place!


For achievements:

This applies to the following:

  • Company started and/or research commercialized
  • Invention patented
  • Journal paper published
  • Any relevant (competitive) awards/grants won
  • Conference paper published
  • Presentation or poster delivered at a conference
  • Presentation delivered at a major meeting (not including POETS meets)
  • Internship or job taken up (not just offered)
  • Graduation (not just defense or walking in a commencement ceremony)
  • Anything else that your advisor/POETS may deem noteworthy

If any of the above apply to you, within one month, please email* the current webmaster the following information:

  • Your name(s) and photograph(s) (include coauthors if relevant)
  • Citation of your article/poster/award title, etc. with a link to the page if applicable (if no link is available, please send a PDF of the article/picture of the certificate where applicable)
  • Any descriptive text (e.g. Abstract)
  • Name of the event and a link to the page (for conferences, meetings, etc.)
  • Any relevant pictures from the event/achievement (if applicable)

In case of multiple presenters/team effort, it is the first author’s responsibility to email* the webmaster. If someone has graduated, their team members/advisor may submit information on their behalf with their permission. The submitter will be notified by email when the information has been posted.


Send an email* to the webmaster with a word (or equivalent) document containing the text and/or pictures (with captions) that you would like displayed, in the format you would like displayed. Also, send with this email* separate files for each image included in the document.

Submitted information will be posted and the user will be notified when it is published. The exact format of the article to be published is left to the discretion of the webmaster and may be altered to fit the contents in the window or match the theme. Discrepancies/issues may be reported to the webmaster for review.

Resume/personal profile updates:

If you would like to update any of your personal information that was posted to the website, please email* the updated information to the current webmaster.


As this website is constantly evolving to the needs of its members and its audience, there is always scope for improvement. Kindly email* your suggestions to the current webmaster.


*For all above emails, use “POETS website” in the subject line of your email. Thank you.

Webmaster email:

Created: Sep 06, 2017 
Last edited: Feb 02, 2018