A message from POETS alumnus Matthew Williams:

“With POETS nearing its 3rd anniversary, we have already seen multiple students and post-docs graduate from each of the four POETS institutions. These students have entered careers in academia, consulting companies, technology giants, and defense companies. Each student has taken skills they developed while working within POETS and transitioned them into a new stage of their career. Over the next few years, this group will grow considerably and they will reach far corners of academia and industry, and it is in the best interest of students and future alumni to retain network ties to such a widely reaching community. Therefore, in an effort to facilitate network connections and continual communication between alumni and POETS faculty, staff, and students, POETS will be setting up an alumni board and alumni association. It is our understanding that this is the first official alumni organization of any NSF Engineering Research Center (ERC) in the 30+ year history of the program. We hope to set a high precedent for other ERCs to follow.

In the coming months, the POETS Alumni Association will be setting up a job pipeline for current students. While we are still working on the details, the goal is to promote internship, post-doc, and full-time opportunities for current POETS students. These will cover a wide range of industry and technical areas due to the diverse nature of our current alumni group. The goal is to develop close recruiting ties between POETS and alumni universities/companies.

For the inaugural year of the POETS Alumni Association, Sayan Seal and I will be serving as co-chairs. We encourage current POETS faculty, staff, and students to provide suggestions as to how the alumni organization and POETS can work together.”

Matt completed his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from UIUC under the guidance of Dr. Alleyne. He is now an engineer at Northrop Grumman.

Patricia Wiesensie
2016, UIUC
Washington University
Matthew Williams
2017, UIUC
Northrop Grumman
Sayan Seal
2017, UA
Chirag Kharangate
2017, ????
Case Western Reserve University
Tim Deppen
2013, UIUC
PC Krause & Assoc.
Justin Koeln
2016, UIUC
UT Dallas
Yue Cao
2017, UIUC
Feifei Lian
2018, Stanford
Northrop Grumman
Damena Agonafer
????, Stanford
Washington University
Olalekan Adewuyi
2016, Howard
Sambhav Jain
2016, Stanford
Srikanthan Sridharan
2016, UIUC
Siddhanth Munukutla
2017, UIUC Intel

Name Current Email Graduation Year School Current Employer
Tim Deppen 2013 UIUC PC Krause & Assoc.
Justin Koeln 2016 UIUC UT Dallas
Patty Weisensee 2016 UIUC Washington Univ.
Srikanthan Sridharan 2016 UIUC Ford
Matthew Williams 2017 UIUC Northrop Grumman
Sayan Seal 2017 Arkansas Wolfspeed
Siddhanth Munukutla 2017 UIUC Intel
Yue Cao 2017 UIUC Amazon
Damena Agonafer Stanford Washington Univ.
Olalekan Adewuyi 2016 Howard
Sambhav Jain 2016 Stanford Oracle
Feifei Lian 2018 Stanford Northrop Grumman