STEM Outreach Team

STEM Outreach Team

About Us

The mission of the POETS STEM Outreach Team is to increase the opportunity of STEM outreach opportunities available to POETS graduate students and post-docs. The organization seeks to promote leadership, communication, and teaching skills among our participants. We strive to encourage personal connections among the students across the center. The STEM outreach team goals are as follows:

  • Increase and improve public understanding of science and the impact in makes in the real world
    • Science is accessible
    • Science can be seen in every day activities
  • Increase awareness and interest of students in STEM majors (college opp.)
  • Increase graduate student involved in outreach within POETS
    • How to students and faculty the value of outreach?
    • Creating a culture of outreach within POETS

Through our program we hope to:

  • Improve attitudes toward STEM in middle school and high school students
  • Improving the STEM experience for undergraduate students;
  • Improve teaching, leadership and scientific communication skills in graduate students

Outreach Team Leadership

  • STEM Outreach Team Leader: Satya Peddada (
  • Stanford outreach coordinator: Michelle Chen (
  • Stanford outreach support staff: Kaye Storm (
  • University of Illinois outreach coordinator: Satya Peddada (
  • University of Illinois support staff: Joe Muskin (
  • University of Arkansas outreach coordinator: Daniel Schwartz (
  • University of Arkansas support staff: Shannon Davis
  • Howard University outreach coordinator: TBD: If you are interested please contact Satya Peddada (
  • Howard University support staff: Sonya Smith (

What type of activities are run at each university?

Each university has their own outreach activities and flavor. University outreach coordinators will email out opportunities at each individual university. You can also be involved with STEM outreach outside of POETS…


Are you already involved with outreach?

Please share successful outreach events with POETS! Email a brief description to Satya Peddada, POETS outreach leader, and Dr. Jessica Perez (POETS education director). In your description please include the following information:

  • Title of event
  • Date of event
  • Brief description of the event
  • Number of students attending
  • Names of POETS volunteers
  • Demographics of target audience (gender, race/ethnicity, free/reduced lunch status) or an estimation based on school stats (
  • Include pictures, videos or new story links
  • Feedback from participants about their experience


We are also working under the assumption that the university outreach reps will be able to document the majority of the outreach events that occurred on your campus. If there are other students/faculty that you feel should have access to this form, feel free to share the link on an individual basis.