The overall outcome of graduate student experiences in POETS is preparing technical leaders. POETS graduates will be:

(a) Uniquely equipped with entrepreneurial and leadership skills;

(b) ready and able to capture and build on the wide variety of opportunities available to them; and

(c) empowered to create new generations of high power density products and possibly even new companies in this domain.

The training of POETS graduate students will include both multidisciplinary technical knowledge that runs deep in their chosen domain of expertise, as well as breadth of training to understand non-technical aspects of leadership. These include items such as communication and teamwork. These types of students are known as “T” types since they combine both breadth and depth.

Below are several resources for POETS graduate students:

POETS-specific courses

See what courses POETS professors recommend you take to enhance your depth of expertise

STEM outreach opportunities

Resources for getting involved with STEM outreach at your university

Professional IQ

Four course series via Coursera for professionals interested in learning more about ethics and leadership

Leadership Collection

Multi-media library of management and leadership materials curated for academic leaders

Public Speaking Manual

This manual is targeted at undergraduate engineers and is designed to help them improve their oral communication skills