Graduate Student Outreach Training at the NSF site visit: April 19th, 2017

As a part of POETS’ 2nd annual NSF site visit, POETS graduate students participated in a seminar entitled “STEM Outreach: A Supplement to Your Research Skill Set” which was originally organized because graduate students voiced a desired to be more involved with STEM outreach. The main purpose of the event was not just to underscore the importance of outreach, but to give participants a taste of how fun and rewarding outreach can be.

Opening the session, Dr. Jessica Perez, Associate Director of Education and Inclusivity, stressed the importance of outreach then reviewed what STEM outreach looks like and why grad students should get involved. Resources for becoming involved with STEM outreach at each POETS institution is provided here. The seminar then transitioned to a hands-on activity led by Matt Milner, co-president of the graduate student outreach group ENVISION. Building a solar oven from a pizza box and other materials exemplified the kinds of STEM outreach activities POETS graduate students could implement at their own institution.

Check out the article published by iSTEM for more details: