POETS Outreach with Middle School Students: June 7, 2016

POETS teamed up with graduate student organizations to run teaching/learning modules with several middle school students. This leverages the expertise of multiple graduate students to impact a large number of middle school students in a hands-on and meaningful way. The focus of this middle school program was underrepresented STEM students and young girls.

Above we see a group of middle schoolers, with their teachers, working with Patty Weisensee, Pamela Tannous, and Satya Peddata on a solar car kit. The POETS goal is to educate young minds that power can be transformed from one mode to another and you have to optimize various aspects of your mobile system to reach peak performance. Below we see Patty working with a particular young student to debug their project.

Other outreach activities have taken place throughout the summer 2016 and POETS students and faculty have found it to be very rewarding.