POETS-KTH Workshop: June 20-22, 2016

In June 2016, a contingent of faculty from POETS visited our international partner KTH. The visit was to build technical partnerships that could be used to foster collaborative research as well as personnel exchange.  Professors Alan Mantooth, Robert Pilawa and Andrew Alleyne participated, as did Professors Hans Peter Nee and Stefan Ostlund from KTH. Above we see Professor Pilawa (POETS) and Professor Ostlund (KTH) in discussions with two POETS students.

This was a two day workshop. The first day had presentations in the morning, lunch and a tour of *very* impressive electric power facilities at KTH in the afternoon. This was followed by a brainstorming session on potential topics for deep collaboration and a presentation/Q&A with a program manager from the Swedish energy funding association (similar to the U.S. Dept of Energy).  The first day then wrapped up with a great dinner of traditional Swedish food, including meatballs!  The second day involved a tour to Atlas Copco, a large manufacturer of tools for mining and assembly. Several of their assembly tools are electrically driven and operate in the 1 KW range. Below you can see Professor Alan Mantooth trying one of the demonstration units in the company lobby. It was quite an eye opening tour and Atlas Copco is an 11 billion dollar a year company with a strong interest in power density for hand held tools.

One of the most impressive aspects of the tour with Atlas-Copco was the on-site mine they had 20 meters below the headquarters. They had excellent displays set up for their various product lines. This was one of the more unusual tours because one could see the products and also see the result of some of them being used in the walls of the mine.