POETS Student Technical Conference: May 3, 2016

Immediately preceding the POETS site visit there was our first annual Student Technical Conference.  This was a single track technical conference that was organized completely by the POETS SLC.  The student conference committee did a great job organizing the conference and all the student presenters did a good job.

Overall, it was a considerable success and was even more impressive given that they students pulled it together on very short notice. The keynote speaker was Dr. Eckart Hoene from Fraunhofer IZM in Berlin shown in the previous figure. He gave his perspectives on the future of power electronics.

As part of the student activity, Caterpillar arranged for a tour to their testing and R&D facilities. This allowed for the students to get an idea of what mobile electrification looks like at very large scales. Caterpillar also did an excellent job of impressing upon the students the culture of safety that will be critical for POETS success.